City Clerk - Carey Danen



Welcome to the City of De Pere Clerk's Office. Our office is the legal custodian of official city records and is the filing agency for numerous reports and documents such as oaths, bonds, council nomination papers and candidate financial records. The City Clerk's Office acts as a liaison between the public, city departments, and the Common Council.  Our office is also responsible for the following:


  1. Issuance of municipal licenses as required by local ordinance and state statute including:  Alcohol, Bartender, Cigarettes, Dog Licenses, Cat Licenses, Solicitors, Taxi-Cab Licenses, and Special Event Permits

  2. Maintenance of permanent Common Council documents

  3. Administration of elections as required by Federal and Wisconsin Law

  4. Publication of legal notices

  5. Billing of special assessments

  6. Collection of delinquent personal property taxes

  7. Management of mobile home park permit lottery credit, charge backs on delinquent personal property and hotel/motel room tax

  8. Passport Acceptance Agency

  9. Official keeper of the City Seal